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What makes Reinventing Cool unique 

Humans may have used cold for millennia, but only now we begin to understand its true powers. Today, it has been scientifically proven that we have control over our own biology, including aging, and that "positive stress" plays a major role in living a longer and happier life in a healthier and younger body. 

When writing Reinventing Cool, we, a tandem of an industry trailblazer and an owner of three highly regarded by Londoners wellness centers, put to work our learnings, personal experiences, and feedback from thousands of people whom we have collectively served to help you see cold with new eyes and reap the amazing benefits it has to offer if used correctly. 

Our book is NOT a digest of the latest research in the field, although you will see numerous references to clinical studies performed to date.

It is NOT a textbook, although we believe you will learn a thing or two regardless of your relationship with cryotherapy.

And the book shall NOT be seen as a professional advice on how to lessen symptoms of any medical condition, although you will find examples of substantial health improvements thanks to whole body cold.

Reinventing cool is a PRACTICAL GUIDE on how to use low temperatures safely, effectively, and joyfully, whether you are a team member of a gym, wellness center, or spa with cryotherapy on the menu, are thinking of starting a business that offers cryotherapy, are a client of such business, or are bracing yourself to try cryotherapy for the first time. This is the first. There is nothing like it.

Hard to embrace at first, cold may well be the world’s best kept secret not only against inflammation and pain, but also to conquer chronic stress, lack of energy and motivation, depressive mood, poor sleep, and biological aging, especially when the entire body gets exposed to it at once.

See for yourself! Join us on a journey of reinventing cool which is only beginning!

With love, Maria and Antra

Praised by industry insiders and cryo lovers alike

"Over the last decade, whole body cryotherapy has evolved from a niche, somewhat esoteric practice to a widely sought-after therapy by millions. This rapid expansion, however, has given rise to numerous myths and misunderstandings. Reinventing Cool arrives at a pivotal moment, offering invaluable insights for wellness center proprietors to better navigate their industry. It also helps clients and potential customers with more grounded expectations and adequate preparation."

Jay Houston and Mark Thomas, Owners of NEXT Welness, Inc. 5000

"Finally, there is a resource to help! As a cryotherapy center owner, I've witnessed firsthand the prevalent misconceptions surrounding cryotherapy. It isn't just about extreme cold; it's a holistic wellness solution. In the process of building our business, we had to bridge the gap between perception and reality and put a lot of effort into making users to not only engage but also understand the science behind cryotherapy. I wish we had Reinventing Cool in our hands when we first started!"

Paul and Terri Hooten, Owners of Ultra Cryo & Recovery

"Attitudes to health are changing, and Maria and Antra have written this brilliant guide on the life-changing benefits of cryotherapy. I work and work out harder than I've ever done. Without cryotherapy being part of my recovery, it just wouldn't be possible. "

Melanie Chisholm aka Mel C, Spice Girls

"Now that we have Reinventing Cool by Maria and Antra, we can all understand why our ancestors turned to cold for its powerful impact on their health and why it's the way forward to reap all the benefits I've firsthand experienced."

Stephen Manderson aka Professor Green

Written to explain, inspire, encourage, and guide

Experiences of the lockdown struck most of us with a revelation that every human being is, indeed, the author of his own health or disease. "Wellness has NEVER been such an important priority for people," states The Future of Wellness 2024 Trends Report, recently published by the Global Wellness Institute. 

(Re)discovering COLD not as an unwanted weather condition but a super powerful health booster is now shaping lives more than any other approach.

As cryotherapy lovers and practitioners, we strongly believe that whole-body cryotherapy has the potential to become THE TREATMENT of the 21st century, due to its versatility of applications, vast array of benefits, ease of use, high tolerability, safety, low risk of negative side effects or adverse reactions, and endless combination potential with other wellness practices and lifestyle choices.

We wrote Reinventing Cool to lay a path for it to happen.


I was preparing for the New York marathon when I heard the great American motivational speaker and biohacking pioneer Tony Robbins talk about cryotherapy. He was crediting cold exposures for speedier recovery from his multi-hour stage performances. I had to try it, and it worked right away!

Fascinated by the physical and mental uplift I experienced and wanting to keep adding to my own life as well as to give others the chance to discover the benefits, I gave up my accounting job and launched LondonCryo.

The first center opened in 2016. To date, LondonCryo has grown to three prime locations offering a wide range of leading wellness treatments, but there will be more. Seeing my clients from celebrities to young athletes, busy professionals and ageless grandmothers perform, feel, and look better is incredibly rewarding.

I LOVE my new career.

I grew up and built a career in management, training, and consulting in Latvia. It is possible that not much would have changed to date if it was not for cryotherapy. Cold, quite literally, changed my life. Twice.

First, it cured me from feeling agitated, physically and emotionally drained and sleepless - a result of running a 250-people company through the stresses and hardships of the 2008 financial crisis. The first 10 sessions turned into many more because the post-treatment endorphins were exactly what the exhausted body needed.

Soon after, I became one of the first cryotherapy entrepreneurs in the United States, referred to as the ‚Äúoriginal gangsters‚ÄĚ of now booming industry.¬†Since 2010, I have helped hundreds of businesses incorporate cryotherapy into their offerings, and nothing warms my heart more than seeing them open new locations and hearing the amazing recovery stories of their clients. Collectively, we have¬†enabled¬†more than a million people get pain free and live their lives to the fullest again.

What can be better than that?  


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